We boast an impressive range of Block Driveway Paving at Pete Watton Driveways, featuring a range of colours and designs to compliment the style and heritage of your home. A popular choice for homeowners looking for a driveway that will stand the test of time, block paving – when installed with care and creativity – can add a truly amazing transformative dimension to your property. It provides a smooth, uniform surface that can be flexible to your specific needs, whether durability or aesthetics are your priority we can take care of all your driveway needs.

Our surveyor will talk you through our product range, working with you to create a driveway design that is tailored to your requirements. You may like to combine different block styles, for example, or integrate kerbstones or steps. Perhaps you would like to create a dramatic effect or are looking to update your driveway with paving that has an understated, contemporary feel – block paving affords you almost no limits when designing your driveway.


At Pete Watton & Co Ltd driveways we appreciate how hard it is to find time to keep your driveway maintained with so many other commitments this sometimes gets overlooked. So this is why we now offer a full refurbishment service that will keep your driveway looking as good as new.(and sometimes even better!)

In this service you will get:

A full high pressure wash removing any grime, dirt, moss and stains repairing any broken or damaged joints and ensuring your driveway is at its cleanest. Once your driveway has dried then all the joints are remasticed with a suitable flexible joint filler where required. The area will then be re-sealed using a solids acrylic sealer making sure the grime/dirt does not reside back into your driveway and therfore prolonging the life and durability too. This can deliver outstanding results making your driveway/patio look brand new again and we can often find the customer speechless and in disbelief at the difference a refurbishment can do to your driveway/patio. (please see before and after photos’s)