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  1. A 30 year old male, daily caloric needs: 2500 cal/day. Multiply that for 7 days a week: 2500x7 = 17500 cal/week.

  2. BJ hasn't fought at Heavyweight. He fought in an openweight fight against Machida, and weighed 191lbs vs. Machida's 220. Slight difference.

  3. How much can you lose with this diet? it really depends on your starting weight and rapid weight loss pills a lot of other factors like how strictly you stay true to the plan. If you are very overweight and you stick to the plan, you could lose 50 pounds in as little as 4 months which is very impressive. You may lose even more weight initially if you limit carbohydrates. A recent study showed that combining cookie dieting with a low-carb diet such as atkinsĀ® resulted in greater weight loss than simply dieting alone..

  4. - rapid weight loss pills they should only contain natural ingredients and absolutely nothing more..

  5. Actually I haven't. Is a picture around?